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2021 Wrapped

Seen Displays & TikTok

Engaging shareable content to celebrate the creators who kept us entertained through 2021, as part of a brand experience.


TikTok’s 2021 party celebrated a year of entertainment, bringing together all the creators who have kept us laughing and engaged this past year. TikTok aimed to create shareable content a unique video experience that offered guests a memorable moment in the spotlight.


The video shoot captured high quality content that could be instantly uploaded to TikTok. Guests could have fun and pose in front of a flickering LED background for eye catching results. The content need to be instantly accessible in order for guests to share it in real time.


The booth attracted a non-stop crowd, with each person bringing heaps of personality to their unique shareable video content. Edited to the guests in seconds, our high quality video clips gave everyone a must-share red carpet moment that they could save and share in an instant.

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