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Graffiti Sticker Portraits

Event Tech Live

When graffiti art meets digital tech at Event Tech Live, Old Truman Brewery.


To create exciting content for Event Tech Live at the Old Truyman brewery to encourage attendees to get involved and share the event. Inspired by the East London location, we wanted to merge graffiti art with digital tech at Event Tech Live 2018 to create exciting printed content for the day.


Working with the amazing team at No Such Thing Studios and Graffiti Kings, we transformed the set with some vibrant and colourful graffiti art to immerse and excite visitors at the experience. We wanted to encourage a sense of community and networking at the event by creating a booth that brought the user experience and their personality to the forefront, also creating some inspiring visual content at the same time.


The set-up gave visitors the chance to create their own personalised sticker, with our customisation technology and use of an Instagram-style bespoke filter. We let visitors become the art! They were then able to print their sticker and add it to a custom wall at the event or take it with them. The booth was popular and the wall was full of portraits; it created a great atmosphere of interaction and community throughout the day.

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