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Message To Mum


Custom Mother’s Day “Message To Mum” Doodle Booth for the exclusive launch of Selfridges Unlocked at their Manchester store.


The Selfridges team wanted an experiential activation for their Manchester Trafford Centre store as part of the week-long Selfridges Unlocked launch, taking place over Mother’s Day. They wanted to offer the experience exclusively to Selfridges Unlocked “Keyholder’s” as an incentive, encouraging customers to sign up to the rewards program as well as being part of a UK wide competition for new members. The physical activation needed to be in keeping with the store wide Selfridges Celebrates branding across all of their UK stores. It also needed to be accessible to customers passing through the store, including families.


The Lighthouse Studio creative team designed a custom “Message To Mum” Doodle booth incorporating the Selfridges logo and Mother’s Day illustrations by Angela Kirkwood. Using our unique Message Booth technology, this playful activation allowed guests to come and film a personalised video, hand writing either a “Message to Mum” or a “Message to Your Younger Self” in the booth. They were also encouraged to doodle freely and decorate their message in a creative and fun way, making the perfect digital keepsake to send to a Mum that was in their thoughts, or as a loving memento for themselves.

The booth itself was housed in a custom inflatable velvet structure designed specifically for the event and located on the busy accessories thoroughfare of the store. We had two sharing stations in place where guests could view previous videos for inspiration as well as their own videos immediately after recording.


In order to use the Doodle Booth, guests needed to show their Selfridges Unlocked “Key” and were then allowed to create as many messages as they liked. The content was shared instantly to their Selfridges Unlocked email address and phone number, and automatically entered them into a UK wide competition was part of the week-long launch event.

The Message To Mum Doodle booth ran for 7 days, with guests signing up for Selfridges Unlocked as a direct result of the booth as well as incentivising those already registered to come to the store and make their own video during the launch week. On most days there was a queue of people waiting to use the booth, with signage about Selfridges Unlocked positioned infront of the booth, creating a buzz on the shop floor and encouraging a spike in registrations.

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