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Privatesphere GIF Booth


Luxury GIF photo booth with custom AI background for the Prada 2023 Holiday campaign and in-store event at Harrods and Selfridges.


To celebrate Privatespehere, their new collection dedicated to the holiday season, Prada created an in-store retail marketing campaign. They invited their most valued customers to the exclusive event, inspired by the the Prada Holiday 2023 branding. The brand required an experiential marketing activation that integrated seamlessly with their luxury retail environment and guidelines at both Harrods and Selfridges. The activation needed to align with the magic of the Privatesphere holiday campaign, inviting guests to “explore the fantasy of an impossible voyage, a journey in their own sphere”.


We created a sleek, minimalist photo experience that was compact enough to be integrated into the retail surroundings at both locations, whilst still delivering an immersive experience. We developed and built a custom GIF booth with integrated AI background replacement technology, using the Privatesphere imaging and in keeping with the campaign messaging of “a moment of serenity, a private celebration, a personal playground”. The booth encouraged guests to be playful and fun with the festive AI background, either alone or with friends, to create their personalised Prada content that was instantly shareable. The use of AI background also allowed the plinth to be placed in multiple locations whilst taking into account data protection requirements. The structure for the booth was custom built in the brand colours and was designed to be transported with ease between locations over night for the event.


The event ran across two days, with Prada inviting all of their most valued UK based customers to attend, in celebration of their Privateshphere holiday collection. Our GIF booth was used throughout the event at both locations, and guests were excited to take their GIF and still photos, creating both a souvenir of their day and an added incentive to share content online about the collection.

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