With years of experience in marketing and advertising, we will create a strategy that best serves your brand and needs. Whether we’re talking LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok, we are fluent in social and are ready to bring your digital presence to the next level. We don’t just build a following for brands, we build a community.

Social media strategy

At Lighthouse, we live and breathe social media. If you’re not sure what platforms your brand needs to be on and need a little guidance on the type of content that works best, we can work with you to create a social media strategy with your brand message, mission and values in mind. From Instagram to TikTok and Giphy to LinkedIn, we’ll take a deep dive into your target audience, create a solid strategy for each platform, and an engaging content plan and help you analyse what works.

Lighthouse strategy social

Campaign strategy

We can create a solid campaign strategy that covers all the bases. Whether your campaign spans from one month to six, we’ll get to know your brand; who you are, your values, and what you’re looking to achieve as well as who you are trying to reach. We will identify your key marketing messages and goals, and create a plan of approach to achieve those goals and the objectives of your campaign brief.

After the campaign has run, we will wrap up with a data analysis to show how the campaign performed on each of your KPIs.

Lighthouse strategy creative

Campaign concept

You might be searching for some original, engaging ideas that align with your message and connect with your existing audience, or maybe you’re looking to attract a new audience altogether. After some vigorous brainstorming, we will bring you a creative campaign concept for your next digital project that aligns with your brand and campaign strategy.

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