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Doodle Sketch Booth with D&AD

Interactive doodle experience for The D&AD Festival, which encouraged people to play with and create their own, unique social media content. 

D&AD Doodle Booth.jpg

“Your doodle is more than just an unproductive drawing”

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The D&AD creative festival in association with Adobe sought to combine freedom of expression with cutting-edge technology by taking on the Festival's theme of “Shaping the Future”.


We combined technology, creativity and psychology to create a Doodle experience that encouraged people to play and let their imaginations run wild. Visitors received their video and photo and could look up the meanings of their doodles in the doodle book. 


Over 550 people experienced the Doodle sketch Booth. Over 150 doodle’s were shared across Instagram making it one of the most attractive stands of the festival, with a reach of over 200k. The project went on to win an award for its digital / social innovation. 

Over 150 doodles captured, with a reach of over 200k

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Creating engaging experiential content with extraordinary brands.

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