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Google Digital Garage 

Permanent photo install for Google's Digital Garage in Edinburgh. 

Unhooked google booth.jpeg
Hidden Edinburgh Google Booth.png
Hidden Edinburgh google booth 2.jpeg


The 'Grow with Google' programme launched in 2015 with the aim of boosting digital skills across Europe. This initiative invited a range of local and national organisations to help Google deliver Scotland’s first high street ‘Google Digital Garage’ in Edinburgh. Google wanted a photo experience to capture the determination of visitors and learners.


The Google booth invited visitors to capture their digital skills journey under the hashtag #myyet - in celebration of learning new skills and embarking on new projects which often, 'haven't started yet'. Images captured could be shared within the digital garage community to foster new relationships and start conversations. 


At Lighthouse we offer long-term and permanent installs. The Google Digital Garage was an ideal place to bring interaction and engagement through visual content capture. 

Creating engaging experiential content with extraordinary brands.

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