Half a Roast Chicken
Eve De Haan
Social Media Strategy
Social AR


Turning artwork of Artist Eve De Haan ('Half a Roast Chicken') into custom Instagram AR filters.

In a world where ‘Reels’ are the new way to connect with brands; where AI takes the form of helpful, home-based assistants; and political commentary is often now enjoyed and digested via entertaining memes, London-based artist Eve De Haan has found neon to be the ideal medium to reflect the imposing nature of technology on youth culture within society today.

Eve’s bright and bold art installations seek to spark conversations, whilst lighting up walls as well as her Instagram feed via her brand ‘Half A Roast Chicken’. Her signature neon quotes are provocative and alluring; challenging societal constructs by accentuating the gradients of a meaning within a statement. Through upscaling old, once sentimental objects with neon, she marries the old with the new, and illuminates how beautiful these things are.


We joined Eve on her mission to connect people to her art and created custom AR Filters with her artwork. Using some of her playful pieces ‘It’s all good’ and ‘Parties are for losers’ we transformed her neon quotes into interactive, “wearable” filters that can be enjoyed by her audience via the filters tab on her Instagram page.

The filters mean people can interact with her art digitally and be immersed into a unique art experience that travels well beyond the walls of a gallery. Here, people become part of the art and are able to access, engage and connect with her message instantly. Gone are the days where you pose awkwardly next to a painting, now you get to become a part of the piece.


Over >100k impressions of her filters across Instagram.

Eve's comments on our work: "How very cool! I absolutely loveeee the ones where you can see the neon above your head, how brilliant!"

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