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Hashtag Printer

  • The Hashtag Printer searches your chosen hashtag from Instagram. Select and print your photo!

  • Custom photo frame

  • Custom vinyls for Printer

  • Touch free: control with your smartphone

Option for long-term hire UK and abroad

Flashmat Escape Hunt Hashtag Printer
Flashmat Escape Hunt Hashtag Printer
Flashmat Escape Hunt Hashtag Printer

How does it work?

Digital photos are great but have you ever taken a selfie and wanted to print it straight away as a physical keep-sake? 

Our Hashtag Printer makes this possible! All you need to do is post your photo on Instagram with the event hashtag; the printer will pick this up live at the event and print your photo instantly. 

The Hashtag Printer is perfect if you're wanting to promote a specific hashtag and boost your presence on socials.

Flashmat branded hashtag printer

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt welcomes eager mystery solvers and adventurers for a session of high-pressured fun. 

Lighthouse hashtag printing can now be enjoyed at eight Escape Hunts around the U.K which includes: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Reading venues.


Players can have their smiles of victory captured as they exit the room. All they have to do is take a photo on their smart phone and share on Instagram or Twitter with the location hashtag e.g #escapehuntbristol. The Hashtag Printer will then print a branded photo they can keep as a memoir.

Hashtag printing is a great way for brands to enhance their presence on social media with branded content.

Flashmat Hashtag Printer
Escape the everyday
Hashtag Printer Escape Hunt

Love our Hashtag Printer? Book it now for your next event.

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