Institute of Primal Colour
Photo and Video Production

In collaboration with Bompas & Parr x Valspar paint we created an immersive activation at the Institute of Primal Colour at WhiteSpace. The activation featured a plethora of multi-sensory experiences produced by the University of Oxford designed to explore our relationship with colour through our senses.

IMG 0613 1

Our Eye Photo Booth took spell-binding macro close-up shots of guests’ eyes to capture the unique colour and composition of the eye. We took each shot carefully and rapidly processed images digitally so that photos could be shared and uploaded to Instagram. Printed photos were featured on a colour wheel to create a spectrum of colour.

The Eye photo experience proved to be an integral part of the experience. Guests were amazed by the unique identity, colour, patterns and markings of their eyes and were invited to enjoy a personalised cocktail based on their favourite hues.

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