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Express, play, create

Light drawing invites you to connect with your creativity, creating luminous shapes that transform your photos into something truly special. Using our light wand, draw and move in space and watch your self-expression manifest through the striking neon stripes. 

Flashmat Light Drawing Photo booth sample
Flashmat Light Drawing Photo booth sample

Clinique Men at GQ

To celebrate GQ’s 30th Anniversary, Clinique and GQ teamed up for the launch of Clinique for men’s new Super Energizer range. The range centres around three key grooming tips: to cleanse, moisturise and revive tired eyes. We collaborated with Creative Styling agency and Clinique to recreate the striking neon branding featured on their digital campaign, with a live light writing setup.

The event welcomed models, influencers and industry experts to engage with the brand and their new products. Guests could create their own personalised neon photos at our light writing station. They entered a dark lit box where they were greeted by a sleek photo booth setup and host, who handed them a neon orange torch and explained how to make the most of the technology. They could draw freely, to create stunning luminous shapes and lines.

Our next generation photo booth, with built-in DSLR camera and studio flash, captured the neon strokes emitted from the light pens to create a striking effect. Each person’s photo was unique with bright orange lines and could be emailed, shared and printed instantly.

Neon effects with light writing are ideal for brands and events to add some excitement and creativity to their activation.

Clinique Men
Flashmat Light Drawing Photo booth Clinique
Flashmat Light Drawing Photo booth Clinique

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