We bring the magic to your live events, online or in person.

Your audience will find a spark of joy with a unique experience.

Live experiential AR

Interactive and memorable experiential AR will make a strong impact on your audience. We are only scratching the surface of AR marketing, and are so excited to bring new mind blowing experiences to the world. Make your product’s packaging have another dimension through AR or let people explore your store from their homes through an app. This new side of marketing is limitless - come and make history with us.

Lighthouse ar brainwave

Immersive Art

An outlet for artistic expression, transporting your audience into an immersive experience that travels beyond the walls of a gallery and instead, dives into your imagination.

What if you could see how your thoughts look? Our brainwave photo experience records brain waves as colourful patterns and shapes that can be projected and photographed for a mesmerizing effect. Or doodle away your thoughts real-time whilst creating a cool video.

Lighthouse live projection mapping

Projection mapping

Add an awe-inspiring experience to your event with a custom projection mapping installation. We can create an irresistible catwalk for your guests, an interactive statement wall, or transport your party from an underwater cave to participate on the first moon walk. Even the sky isn’t the limit!

Lighthouse live production

Photo and Video Production

Studio-quality content built for social. We create impactful content for campaigns ranging from adverts, to short films and social media clips all with branding, edits and effects to wow your audience and connect with your brand’s story and message.

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