Never Fall
Photo and Video Production

Kérastase wanted their guests to engage with the new Genesis range through a unique video experience that they could share instantly on their Instagram stories whilst at the event.

What We Did

In our experience, people love an intimate booth setting when creating personal videos. On the Kérastase message booth people were given a 20 second window to write their responses onto the glass with a white chalk pen. We filmed people as they were writing; live-editing the videos on-site to produce beautifully personalised content, curated specially for Instagram stories with a branded intro and sped up effects. Videos could be emailed or sent via Whatsapp for immediate sharing.

The message booth is a perfect way to get people to engage with a brand and a campaign message. Kérastase’s question not only led to unique messages being shared as bold video content online; it essentially asked guests to embrace vulnerability and look within themselves: a powerful brand experience which led to guests feeling more connected to the brand as a result.

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