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How hard is it to set up a photo booth?

Nervous about booking your first photo booth? Not to worry. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to including a fabulous booth host, setting it up on your own is a breeze.

First, decide where to put your booth

Depending on your booth, we will suggest and guide you in choosing the best spot. Think about the flow of people, the lighting conditions, and if your chosen backdrop fits in the space. You’ll also need to look for a power source near the booth.

You will get detailed instructions

You will receive clear instructions on how to put together your booth. It’s simple and relatively quick, but do allow some time for this. In the unlikely event of getting stuck on any step, our technical support team is always just a phone call away.

Remote set up with every booth

We will have already done the required tech programming to have your event up and running - the booth will already have all your details, photo frames, and customised options set.

It's that easy!

Voila! We make our photo booths as painless as possible to set up. And if you’re still not up for it, our hosts are always happy to come and manage your booth and all the details for you. Happy snapping!



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