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Ready for your slow-mo closeup? 

Straight from the red carpet to your event - this Instagram famous option is always an absolute hit. Dramatic angles, zoom and slow motion effects, all programmed to perfection bringing  you the perfect must-share content every time.

Flashmat Robot Camera RoboCam Photo Booth Slow Motion Selfie

How does it work?

This state of the art mechanical technology captures smooth shots with a click of a button. From slow motion effects to close-ups, the mobile nature of the RoboCam means it can be moved to different positioned easily to focus in on all the key moments. 

The RoboCam captures high quality footage to impress your event guests and audiences on socials, without needing a full videography set-up. 

Flashmat Robot Camera RoboCam Photo Booth

Love the RoboCam?
Book it now for your next event.

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