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AI Face Swap Booth

Virtual AI Face Swap booth using advanced facial recognition and experiential tech to produce personalised digital and physical content, customisable to your brand.

The creative team at Lighthouse Studio have developed the virtual AI Face Swap booth, our newest AI tech experience. Through the use of advanced facial recognition, sophisticated special effects technology and image manipulation, our AI booth is able to transform your guests into a portrait of your choosing with just the touch of a button.

The AI Face Swap booth is the perfect combination of physical and digital technology, bringing a fun, highly engaging content creation experience to guests. It produces both printed and digital hyper personalised content that will boost both in person and online engagement for your brand, whether it’s for a product launch, a brand campaign or a company event. Transform your guests into a famous painting, a character from a film, a celebrity figure or a well known advertising image - the possibilities are endless. You can customise the booth using images that match your brand activation or campaign, and invite your guests to imagine themselves in a personalised selection of alter egos.


This virtual booth can be installed in any space, with our team designing a custom structure to host the digital AI booth so that it fits seamlessly into your activation. The use of our AI enhanced photography could also be combined with our Augmented Reality booths to create a unique digital content experience for your guests.


Would like to have the AI Booth for your brand activation marketing? Book it now for your next event.

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