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Your creative tech partner developing forward thinking, state of the art visual and digital experiences.

At Lighthouse, we are committed to building empowering partnerships with industry leaders. We know that innovative projects start with limitless creativity and brave visionary clients, and we wouldn’t be the agency we are today without them. 

Being industry agnostic allows us to provide custom physical and digital services tailored to our client’s needs, all through a unique end to end journey. 

  • From your initial brief, our team will develop a bespoke solution with alternatives to suit your budget and timeline. 

  • We will then dive deeper into your chosen solution, delivering a detailed project proposal for you to approve. Upon approval, we will then provide a project plan and budget. 

  • Finally, we will execute the project to the highest standard with a commitment to quality and a focus on your KPIs


(As a proud B Corp, we are always on the lookout for partners who share our ethics, prioritising sustainability, accountability and business for good.)

AI Experiences

Hyper-personalised and adaptable technology

Online user experiences

Creating supercharged online brand engagement

Augmented and Virtual Worlds

Explore life beyond limits with mixed reality

Photo and Video Content Creation

Creating engaging visual experiences

Creative Tech Consultancy

Expansive end to end creative journeys

Retail Innovation

Immersive retail innovation, in-store and at home

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