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Custom aura photo experience bringing engaging content with a touch of magic to Emmyland’s immersive space at the 2024 BSC Expo in London.


For the 2024 BSC Expo in London, we partnered with Emmyland to develop an engaging content experience that would integrate seamlessly into their immersive, colourful set design for the 3 day event. They wanted a photo experience that would provide an interactive element to their space as well as giving guests a keepsake to take away with them. They needed an activation that would be able cope with the high volume of guests both at the opening VIP event and across the following 2 day expo.

Aura photos from the Emmyland booth.


We developed a custom Aura Photo experience for the expo and worked with the set builders to design a standalone photo booth tower and separate sharing station, in keeping with the colourful space. Guests were invited by a host to sit in front of a circular black backdrop and have their Aura photo taken, with the portrait process being captured by the surrounding camera equipment and live streamed onto the huge TV screen display within the space.

Their unique Aura photo was then transferred instantly to the sharing station where two hosts were available to process the prints on the Emmyland branded sharing screen. Each guests was given 2 prints of their Aura photo; one as a keepsake in a custom Emmyland gold and pink folder containing the aura colour descriptions, product listings and company contact info. The second was signed by the guest and added to the “Aura Wall” within the space; an impressive visual record of the Emmyland visitors throughout the expo.

A girl getting her portrait captured at a pink photo experience.

Photo folder and a guest at the Emmyland Aura experience.


The Aura Booth was an incredible success, capturing over 1500 individual aura photos across the 3 day event and printing over 3000 photos (2 per guest). The Aura booth provided a hyper-personalised content experience, creating a huge increase in engagement and visibility for the brand, both in person at the expo and across social media platforms. Our custom digital Aura technology was able to complete the process from photo capture to sharing and printing in 90 seconds, which meant we were able to cope with the high volume of guests visiting the Emmyland space.

The booth was by far the busiest throughout the duration of the expo, and our Aura Booth provided the perfect combination of physical and digital technology, capturing the magic of traditional aura photography with an AI twist. By bridging the physical and digital worlds of tech together, it was the perfect partner for Emmyland, connecting with their impressive array of camera technology and equipment and providing a colourful photo addition to their immersive space.

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