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Our Brainwave experiential technology provides an immersive and personalised booth experience where people can discover what their thoughts look like in real time, creating stunning content through a unique user experience.


Have you ever wondered what your thoughts look like? For a client showcase, we were asked us to come up with some creative content for a brand experience that was visually exceptional and striking. Using our brainwave experiential technology we recorded the electrical activity of the brain using an EEG headset and translated it into colourful visuals, unique to the user. These colourful brain waves can be projected onto the user, turning their thoughts into art.


We asked users to wear the EEG headset to monitor brain activity, which amplified the electrical signals of their brain and recorded them as colourful wave patterns. These were then projected onto the person's face and both photographed and recorded to create hyper personalised photo and video content through this unique user experience.


Both printed and digital portraits that were unique to the user which could be used for events, campaigns and activations moving forwards. Our brainwave experiential technology can be integrated in a variety of different ways from print to immersive experience to digital, video and more.

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