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ESCRS Congress, Milan Italy

Bespoke augmented reality photo experience for Alcon at the ESCRS Medical Congress, giving healthcare professionals a glimpse of the world through the eyes of someone living with cataracts and astigmatism.


For the world’s leading eye conferences, we were approached by marketing agency Iris to create an activation for Alcon - a leading pharmaceutical and medical device company specializing in eye care products. Alcon were seeking to demonstrate and promote the power of their innovative eye care products to tackle the effects of cataracts by way of an interactive visual experience at the 2022 ESCRS Congress in Milan, Italy, utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology in the pharmaceutical field. The activation needed to accurately represent the work of the client’s scientific research department relating to eyesight distortion of patients clinically diagnosed with cataracts.


Working directly with the scientific research provided by Alcon, Lighthouse developed a bespoke augmented reality photo filter that allowed healthcare professionals attending the event to experience first hand how cataracts and astigmatism affect their patient’s eyesight. We captured live professional portrait images of guests, then integrating vertical motion blurring to simulate the effects of astigmatism and altering the color of the images to mimic those of patients with cataracts. The final image was then printed as well as sent to them digitally. We wanted to create an immersive experience that combined their scientific data with striking visual content, and by doing this, build a deeper connection between guests and Alcon’s research and products in the realm of pharmaceutical augmented reality.


An interactive AR photo experience for healthcare professionals attending the ESCRS Congress producing bespoke physical and digital content for them to keep and share. The Lighthouse experience for Alcon stood out among the stands at the event, captivating the attention of guests as the only interactive activation that drew data from specific scientific research. The activation was both visually impactful and scientifically informative, with several of the guests that had their images taken stated that they were going to frame the final image to display in their eye clinics, showcasing the integration of augmented reality (AR) in pharma.

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