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The Aura Experience

Aura Photography re-designed for the digital age

Our Aura Experience is a unique way of capturing aura photographs, creating hyper-personalised, captivating digital and physical images with a touch of magic.

An engaging, interactive content experience that can be customised and integrated into a broad spectrum of events, activations and campaigns both online and in person. It’s the perfect addition to boost engagement and visibility for your brand.


We designed and developed our aura technology in house, applying a personalised halo of colours to each portrait that gives guests their own individual aura reading. A reimagining of the popular Victorian photographic experience, we wanted to capture the energy and mysticism of aura photography for a modern day audience, with an AI twist.

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Why our Aura Experience is perfect for your next activation:

  • Hyper-personalised content

  • Fully customisable branded booth and content

  • Fast processing - avg 90 seconds from capture to print

  • Super boosts engagement online and in person

  • Immersive content experience for guests 

  • High visibility for in person events and activations

  • Memorable, popular keepsakes for clients / guests

  • High quality physical and digital content production


BSC Expo

For the 2024 British Society of Cinematographers expo in London, we partnered with Emmyland and Perspective Productions to develop a custom Aura Experience for their booth. 


Our Aura Photo Experience integrated seamlessly into their immersive set design for the exhibition, providing an interactive element to the space as well as giving guests a custom, printed keepsake including their products and contact information to take away. 


Our custom technology was the only aura photo experience capable of supporting the high volume of guests attending the expo, capturing over 1500 individual images and printing over 3000 photos across the 3 day event. 


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2024 Brand Summit

As part of Dermalogica’s 2024 in-house brand summit at their UK Headquarters, they invited us to build a custom Aura space as part of their 2024 holiday campaign promotion. 


With the Dermalogica team attending from all over the world, they wanted to provide an immersive experience to bring energy and excitement to the brand summit as well as promoting their new holiday campaign. 


We captured over 150 individual aura readings over just 2 hours, creating a busy, engaging space within the event.


Ralph Lauren 

Polo Tie Dye Campaign

We partnered with Ralph Lauren for the launch of their #PoloRLstyle campaign, integrating our Aura Experience into their pop-up store at Selfridges, London.

Our Aura Booth provided an immersive content experience that reflected the colourful nature of their new product launch, boosting engagement both online and in person by providing stunning, personalised keepsakes for customers that showed the brand logo, social handle and campaign hashtag.   

The Ralph Lauren Aura Experience ran for 30 days with over 2,100 individual aura readings captured and an online content reach of >300k. 



Tanqueray Townhouse popup

Tanqueray No. 10 transformed Bloomsbury House into Tanqueray Townhouse, a week-long immersive experience to promote their iconic Gin. 


We developed The Aura Room, a custom space within the Townhouse where guests had their individual aura photo captured. They then created a personalised cocktail using flavours and botanicals that corresponded to their unique aura reading. 


The Aura Room had over 2,500 visitors and photos captured across the week-long activation.

Flashmat Aura Photo Booth Tanqueray Gin
Flashmat Aura Photo Booth Tanqueray Gin
Flashmat Aura Photo Booth Tanqueray Townhouse

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