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Northern Lights Experience

De Beauvoir Block

An immersive Northern Lights experience integrating interactive projection, developed for a week-long event at De Beauvoir Block.


We wanted to give a prominent office building in the heart of London a unique and captivating way to celebrate the festive season. The objective was to create an interactive installation that would not only spread holiday cheer but also engage and delight both employees and passersby. The challenge was to design an experience that would stand out from the busy surroundings and offer a memorable and immersive encounter for guests, but at the same time not be too distracting.


We developed a custom immersive installation for a week-long event taking place at De Beauvoir Block during the Christmas period. Inspired by the Northern Lights, this real-time interactive projection transformed a familiar space into an extraordinary canvas. Individuals became living reflections of the magical Aurora Borealis, creating shapes with their bodies as the lights shifted and changed within the projected night sky.

This interactive activation was not just an isolated display – it was a fusion of art and technology, bringing the Nordic winter skies into an intimate London venue. The perfect immersive experience for a festive event.


The interactive projection was designed to respond dynamically to the movements and presence of those in its vicinity. By utilizing motion-sensing technology, individuals walking past the office building would find themselves enveloped in the ethereal hues of the Aurora Borealis. This approach allowed for a seamless and magical integration of the Northern Lights into the urban landscape, creating a unique and memorable experience.

The simplicity of the interactive projection not only ensured a hassle-free setup but also encouraged spontaneous and genuine interactions. The goal was to transport people momentarily from the everyday urban hustle and bustle to the serene Nordic winter skies, bringing a sense of wonder and joy during the festive season.

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