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AI Booth

A festive themed AI photo booth, custom designed for a central London office Christmas party.


We were asked to develop an immersive photo experience by a central London company to be installed at their Christmas office party as engagement and entertainment. They wanted a fun and creative content experience that would fit easily within the space, for the team to use during the celebrations at the end of the year.


We designed a custom, interactive AI photo booth that transformed individual photo selfies of guests into Christmas themed characters, using facial recognition and sophisticated special effects AI technology. The use of advanced image manipulation and different creative filters allowed us to produce high quality, digital photo content that captured several different accurate and detailed alter egos, each one capturing the magic of the festive season. The booth structure was designed to be minimal and freestanding, fitting into the room without taking up too much space. By integrating automated editing and high speed image processing, guests could nearly instantly transform themselves into a their Christmas themed characters and save the digital content to their phones from our adjacent digital sharing station.


The AI photo booth was a huge success, with guests queuing up to take their photos throughout the event, both saving and sharing the content on their social media accounts. Most guests used the booth multiple times to try out all of the different creative filters and AI characters available and see which one they liked the best, often downloading several of them to their phones from the sharing station. The use of this AI enhanced photography could be combined with our Augmented Reality booths to create a unique digital content experience for guests.

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