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Breaking Barriers


Inspiring Message Booth videos as part of the influencer marketing of adidas Breaking Barriers project at their Headquarters in Germany for the FIFA Women’s World Cup final.


Adidas wanted a creative content experience as part of a 4 day influencer marketing event at their headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany for the FIFA Women’s World Cup final weekend. The event integrated the adidas Breaking Barriers project, inviting inspirational women from all over Europe who are making a real difference for women and girls in sport, encouraging them to create exciting and creative content to promote both the brand and the project. They wanted an immersive experience that would support the message of the project and elevate the content being created by the influencers and guests attending.


We designed a custom, fully immersive Message Booth structure with the brand and project identity displayed cleanly on the exterior. The hyper personalised video content produced was developed to show the brand logo and hashtag framing the hand written message. Guest’s were asked “Who are you breaking barriers for?” to build emotional connection with the project ethos and encourage inspirational content. Videos were immediately available via the connected sharing stations using touch screens, so guests could share the content with themselves either by email and / or Airdrop.


The Message Booth experience was installed for the final night of the 4 day influencer marketing event and used multiple times by each guest throughout the evening. The content created captured the energy of the event. The messages were both inspiring and engaging, supporting the adidas Breaking Barriers project that, over the last 4 years, has made a huge difference at a grassroots level for women’s sport. From the group of 35 attendees at the event, the content produced from the activation had an approximate reach of 187,000.

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