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B Lab Europe

Digital Futuregram installation in partnership with B Lab Europe for the B Corp Festival in Amsterdam, celebrating their 10 year anniversary.


B Lab Europe wanted an experiential installation at their 10 year anniversary celebrations in Amsterdam that would elevate the B Corp message and inspire guests to interact and share their vision of B Corp in the future. The event, titled B Corp Festival, was held at the NEMO Science museum and preceeded by a 2 day B for Good Leaders summit. They wanted an experience that would make use of the museum space and be used throughout the event.


We designed a unique digital "Futuregram" experience that made use of the big screen and projector facilities in the museum main space with high visibilty. The intallation needed to be visually powerful in order to stand out and compete with the multiple museum installations and imagery in the space. We developed a software that allowed guests to write a digital message on iPad screens which was then submitted and immediately projected live onto the big screen, written in real time. We asked them the question "What does the future of the B Corp Movement look like?" As each new message was projected, the previous messages were animated, hovering below the most recent submission as a constant evolving carousel of inspiration, rotating content written throughout evening.


The installation was in use through the evening and installed in a high visbility thoroughfare area. The event was attended by both the guests from the summit as well as other B Corp and aspiring B Corp companies and individuals from around the world. In total there were 800 - 1000 guests in attendance with the installation being visible to all of them. The installation was also part of the B Corp Festival challenge; a series of experiences to complete throughout the event through the use of QR codes. The B Corp Futuregram was a huge success with guests staying to see what others had written and get inspired to write their own messages for the future, creating a digital memory of all of their inspiring messages.

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