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1000x Better Party

B Corporation

Experiential 360 booth and message video installations in partnership with B Corp for their 1000x Better celebration at the Natural History Musem, London.


In Partnership with B Corp UK and as sustainable event supplier, we wanted to develop two unique exepriential installations for their party celebrating the milestone acheivement of 1000 B corp companies in the UK at the iconic Natural History Museum, London. The content produced with 360 booth and message booth needed to be instantly shareable and include the B corp logos and associated hastags of the event, to boost engagement online.


We designed a 360 booth experience for the main hall of the NHM as well as a custom message booth installed in the Fossil Way corridor. Both installations were accompanied by hosts who helped guide guests through the experience and made sure they recieved the content immediately via email and Airdrop (if required). All video content produced included both the B Corp and Lighthouse logos, and the email copy included relevant hashtags for sharing and guidelines. All videos were produced in a vertical format compatible with Instagram stories.

The 360 booth was set infront of the incredible main hall in the NHM and we designed the slow motion structure of the video to highlight the best spots within the space as it rotated, capturing both stunning video content as well as the energy of event. The message booth asked guests "what does it mean to be a B corp?" resulting in a plethora of inspiring and meaningful responses that captured the essence and intention behind B Corp and it's incredible companies.


The event was a huge success and both booths were in constant use throughout the night and became a central point for people to meet and interact, sparking discussion and creating connections. The videos were shared across several different social media platforms over the coming weeks including Instagram and LinkedIn, with B Corp UK sharing the video content on their main platforms as well as their website and blog. It was an incredible opportunity for us to be present as a sustainable event supplier and to work with a community we are proud to be a part of.

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