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Aura experience


A Unique pop-up photo experience of aura reading at Topshop for their Spring Sessions series with Spring Studios.


Topshop and Spring Studios wanted an exciting, immersive pop-up photo experience for shoppers to take part in during their spring sessions, generating eye-catching content for their social media platforms.


Using facial recognition technology we captured people’s auras as vibrant halos. Our Aura Booth produced ethereal photos of users personal aura. Once captured, our technology applied a randomized colourful halo around the user. Every shot was unique and drew from a full spectrum of colours creating unique, personalised content.


The Aura photography provided a magical pop-up experience that guaranteed a new found sense of self-discovery with beautiful results. Our Aura Booth, described as "Instagram catnip," provided a fun and self-reflective break for shoppers whilst adding an exciting element to the in-store sessions and a greater reach for the campaign online. 

If you're considering ways to enhance your pop-up experience, we're here to help in creating and bringing your ideas to life.

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