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Diversity Isn't a Fantasy

Netflix & Nobody's Cafe

Meaningful Message Booth activation for The Witcher: Blood Origin with Netflix & Nobody's Cafe at their Diversity Isn't a Fantasy Event in London.


Netflix and Nobody's Cafe wanted an experiential activation at their Diversity Isn't a Fantasy event in London that would produce meaninful content to align with the event and it's discussion around diversity and representation within the TV and Film industries. The event was attended by influencers, actors and industry professionals for a series of talks at Stone Nest in London ahead of the The Witcher: Blood Origin premiere. They wanted something that would fit within the space and could be used throughout the evening of the event.


We designed a sleek Message Booth structure that could be installed within the space displaying the Netflix Logo on the side. Guests were invited to answer the question "Which film or TV show do you feel most represented in?" and were then given 30 seconds to write their answer on the screen. Their video was then published immediately with a design displaying the Neflix Logo and the event title and could be sent to them from our sharing screen by email and / or Airdrop.


The booth was in use throughout the event from start to finish, with almost every attendee making a video (staff included!). The content was instantly shared online by several influencers and actors (IG stories and reels) both during the evening and the days after. The content captured the meaningful message of the event and enabled a continuation of the important and impactful discussions that took place, online.

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