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Doodle Sketch Booth with D&AD


Interactive doodle experience for The D&AD Festival, encouraging people to play with and create their own, unique social media content.


The D&AD creative festival in association with Adobe sought to combine freedom of expression with cutting-edge technology inspiring the theme “Shaping the Future”. They wanted an interactive experience that incorporated the theme and invited guests to make their own personalised content that could be shared, simultaneously promoting the companies, the festival and it's theme.


"Your doodle is more than just an unproductive drawing”. We took the simplest and most spontaneous form of art, the doodle, and created an entire experience around it; the Doodle Sketch Booth. We delivered end-to-end activation (design, creative, technology, staffing); the stand was built by our supplier NoSuchThingStudios under our direction. We all doodle, in a meeting, on a call, in the corner of your notebook or an old invoice. Those little sketches made by our subconscious can tell us a lot about ourselves and our personality. Using our state of the art technology and design we created unique, personalised video content that captured the inspiration and creativity of guests attending the festival, and the theme behind it.


A social media MOMENT: The Doodle Sketch Booth created a social media moment that could be shared across multiple platforms. An emotional EXPERIENCE: Doodling is a personal moment in the day. Our experience gave people the opportunity to express themselves on big blank canvas, creating a space to throw all your emotions onto and discover the inner workings of your mind and personality.

A playful SPACE: The Doodle Sketch Booth was a playful space during the event and guests had the freedom to express their subconscious personality and creativity.

During D&AD festival over 800 people (approx. 20% of attendees) experienced the Doodle Sketch Booth. Over 200 doodle’s were shared across Instagram making it the most attractive stand of the festival, with a reach of over 350k on social media. D&AD were incredibly pleased with the results and the project went on to win an award for its digital / social innovation. 

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