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Genesis: Never Fall


Interactive video experience to create instantly shareable content for the launch of Kérastase's new Genesis product range.


For the launch of their new Genesis product range, Kérastase wanted an interactive content creation experience that guests could use during the event, incorporating the branding and campaign tagline #neverfall.


We designed a intimate message booth experience where guests were asked "What would you do if you were not afraid of falling?". Guests were given a 20 second window to write their answer onto the glass in clear white pen. We then edited the videos on-site to produce beautiful, personalised content that was instantly shareable and included the branding and tagline of the event.


The message booth was in use throughout the event and provided the perfect way for guests to engage with a brand and it's campaign message. Kérastase’s question not only led to unique messages being shared as bold video content online; it essentially asked guests to embrace vulnerability and look within themselves: a powerful brand experience which led to guests feeling more connected to the brand as a result, all whilst increasing the reach of the campaign online.

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