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Guardians of The Galaxy

Secret Cinema

Immersive Photo Booth with custom AR colourways for Secret Cinema’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy live experience in London.


In partnership with the team at Secret Cinema, they asked us to develop a creative content booth that could be seamlessly integrated into their immersive Guardian’s of the Galaxy live experience taking place in London for a 12 week run. They wanted a photo experience that would offer guests a visual memento from the otherwise secret event (no cameras or phones were allowed inside!) as well as providing an additional income source for the event.


Our creative team designed a large, immersive photo booth space that was installed within the main event atrium and could host multiple guests and large groups. Before attending the event, each guest was provided with a clan colour, and asked to theme their cosplay outfits to match. To align with the visuals of the live event, our photo booth had a huge physical hexagonal frame onto which we applied a coloured neon AR filter to match their clan colours. With the event being a strictly no photo zone, our booth was the only content guests were able to capture as a record of their incredible outfits and out-of-this-world experience, either along or with friends.

Located within the main atrium hub of the live event, we positioned the booth next to the till so that guests had a fast, streamlined purchasing experience from photo capture to printing. Guests could view their photos on our large sharing station screen and pick their favourites before purchase.


Our photo booth was the best selling merchandise product of the event, with 25% of guests using the booth and over half of the pictures captured being purchased. The average number of persons in an image was 4, with guests opting to purchase the digital images as well as the physical prints in order to share the content on their social media platforms. This provided powerful online engagement and boosted reach for the event which was otherwise photo free.

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