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Institute of Primal Colour


In collaboration with Bompas & Parr x Valspar Paint we developed a multi-sensory technology for immersive activation at the Institute of Primal Colour, WhiteSpace produced by the University of Oxford.


To create a unique immersive activation for the collaboration between Bompas & Parr and Valspar Paint at their Insitute of Pirmal colour; a series of scientific experiments exploring the ways in which we respond to colour. The intention was to bridge the gap between the science and user to create a deeper understanding of why we are more drawn to certain colours in the home.


We developed a state of the art "Eye Photo" installation employing multi-sensory technology designed to take macro close-up shots of guests’ eyes, capturing the unique colour and composition of their iris. Each shot was taken by our hosts and rapidly processed digitally so that photos could be shared instantly and uploaded to Instagram and other social platforms. Guests were then invited to enjoy a personalised cocktail based on their favourite hues. Printed photos were featured on a colour wheel creating a stunning spectrum of colour composed of the guests eyes, showcasing the capabilities of our multi-sensory technology.


The Eye photo experience proved to be an integral part of the experience. Guests were fascinated by the unique identity, colour, patterns and markings of their eyes and as such became more immersed in the event. It bridged the gap between the user and the science behind the experience with multi-sensory technology, creating a more personal connection to the brands and their products.

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