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My Future Self

New Balance

Personalised video marketing creation for runners of the London Marathon with New Balance.


New balance wanted to capture the energy and motivation of London Marathon runners in a personal and interactive way, which aligned with their My Future Self campaign.


Runners and supporters were invited to write a message to their future selves, which would then be sent to them as a video instantly to inspire and spur them on, and as a reminder of what the race meant to them. We wanted to create a personalised video marketing campaign that reflected the people behind such a huge sporting event and their individual reasons for doing something so challneging and inspiring.


With its personal, inspirational and fun approach, the booth created a safe and private environment for people to share their stories and take a moment to reflect. Personalised video marketing creation gave each runner an opportunity to open up and be vulnerable; to have a meaningful moment and memory, which resulted in personalised content that was valuable to both the user and the brand.

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