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Winner's Circle

D&AD New Blood

Digital 360 augmented reality booth video experience using 3D graphics animation and AI technology for the D&AD New Blood awards 2023.


For the 2023 New Blood awards, we were asked by D&AD to develop an engaging and immersive experience with augmented reality booth, where the winners could come to capture the moment right after recieving their Pencil. They gave us free creative reign to design and develop something original that embraced the energy and ethos of the night. The event was held at Protein studios in London, and is a celebration of new and young creative talent worldwide.


Using the New Blood identity and graphics, we designed a custom AR 360 video experience. By combining 3D graphics animation with AI and 360 video technology, we developed a completely immersive experience bringing together the physical and digital worlds. We installed the 360 technology in a completely white space next to the ceremony, which winners entered immediately after receiving their awards on stage. We were then able to capture on video the moments directly after their win, a memory recorded with augmented reality booth to keep forever.

After recording their video on the 360 platform, they were then able to view the resulting AI content on the sharing screens, and see themselves visually immersed in the, vibrant, animated new blood graphics swirling around them in the space.


Our augmented reality booth was used by every single one of the winners after receiving their awards, with most of the guests coming back both alone and with groups to record multiple videos throughout the evening and after the awards ceremony was over. It was an emotionally impactful and visually dynamic experience, capturing memorable and touching moments of the winners, with most of them reposting the videos on their social media platforms to announce their win online. It was an exciting way to incorporate augmented reality and AI technology into an evening that celebrated the future of new creative minds.

During and immediately after the event, we estimate that the 70 captured videos had the reach of approximately 330,000.

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