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Wonder Woman 1984


Engagement marketing with the bespoke AR filter design for the Wonder Woman 1984 film premiere and collaboration with Hagen Daaz incorporating a competition as part of the online campaign.


Warner Bros, Haagen Dazs, and Agency Space were seeking a way to develop engagement marketing campaign for their followers and supporters on social media and create buzz around the launch of their new film Wonder Woman 1984 and it's partnership with Haagen Dazs.


We created a bespoke AR filter encouraging user generated content for Instagram alongside a competition for the best poses. With the filter, the user would appear as their regular self and once a pose is made, they would become Wonder Woman; immersing them in the world of the film whilst encouraging them to share the message behind the campaign via the competition. Fans were asked to nominate friends and family who empower them by using the filter and taking part in the campaign in order to spread global love and positivity amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, all whilst using the associated hashtag to take part in the competition. The filter design used background removal, placed the iconic Woman Woman head piece on their heads (re-created using 3D modelling) and a WW84 logo which moved with the users.


The competition and engagement marketing campaign were a huge sucess with the custom filter being used globally by Wonder Woman fans and Haagen Dazs ice cream lovers alike. It had over 5 million impressions world-wide, with both organic content and influencer usage. Click here to try one version of the filter.

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