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B Corp pending

June 2021

As a creative agency in the digital marketing arena, one wouldn’t necessarily associate us with focusing on our carbon footprint.

But although we are offering a service rather than a product, it doesn’t mean we can’t play our part in becoming more sustainable. So, our goal for 2021 was to join the B Corp movement.

B Corp is currently the only form of certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. For any brands considering B Corp certification, we wanted to share with you our journey so far.

We are a creative agency and in this industry as such our focus isn’t really into our carbon footprint impact or how sustainable we are working as we don’t create goods. But this doesn’t mean we can’t not play our part in becoming more sustainable. So as a 2021 good resolution we have decided to join the B Corp movement, the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

When we registered in March of 2020 to access the B Corp assessment, we had no clue what to expect. All we had was a strong determination to step into something that feels and does good.

So we started the assessment. The assessment presents A succession of questions about the current situation of the company regarding different aspects such as; governance, environment, community or customer related. Some answers were making us win points, others were unlocking new questions…

The reality here is that there are two types of candidates. The “perfect” student, already completely B Corp compliant; they just need to tick boxes and show proof of their good actions. And those who are looking for a little guidance and make the move to change the way they work.

We are not going to lie, we are the latter. Far from perfect but highly determined.

To be super efficient we designated a team of three to dedicate 6 hours a week to answer the long survey, understand the weak points and action. This process lasted 3 months. We won’t say that it was a pleasant process but it was rewarding on so many levels; both professionally and personally, it got us questioning so many aspects of society.

Through the process, we have made a lot of changes, which include; creating a new employee handbook with new categories to include our environmental and sustainable development policy and supplier diversity policy. In concrete terms, we have changed the way we clean our office by using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We have added an objective for our carbon footprint, signed the climate pledge, agreed on giving a 5% of our revenue in kind to charities and on a more global picture we are in a mission of raising awareness, making sure our clients are aware of our position to hopefully guide them through the same journey.

We even have designated a B Corp officer to help the team to stay in line with the requirements.

We are not perfect and not trying to become someone that we can not be, but we have real faith in the fact that we can change the world.

We had no expectations when we decided to start this journey toward the B Corp movement. We had no idea that we would need to dedicate so much time and effort but we strongly believe this is the right thing to do. For the planet and the people.

We are just at the beginning of this journey. Now that we have now completed the assessment, we are waiting on the B Corp team to show us the pathway on what to do for the next step. Stay tuned!


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