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Learning on Social Media

April 2022

Other than scrolling down endlessly looking for entertaining content, social media has become a great educational tool.

Wherever you look for a cooking recipe, a book review,or the latest workout trend, here is a sum up of some of the best educational content found on social media. We will also do a zoom in on why and how brands should consider creating more educational content rather than dazing with random content.

Pinterest has always been a source of great ideas and helpful tutorials. The bookmarking platform has become an incredible search engine with 2 billion searches every month . It provides a window to DIY blogs, tutorials, knitting pattern, kids activities or hairstyle tutorials.

We like how Oh Joy with 14.7M followers and a 5.9M monthly views is teaching on “how to create a kid scavenger hunt at home” or “how to create dipped painted planters. Her boards are also an endless source of inspiration with more than 80 boards segmented in specific categories that help his followers to find their specific needs.

On Instagram, we used to post pictures of our plates, we are now learning on how to make the recipe from scratch, through appealing visuals assisted by “instructions” written on the post description section. Here the user found his way to make it work.

The startup @Dabbadrop who is delivering curries weekly in reusable dabba boxes, is offering great recipes and food waste hack throughout its Instagram & TikTok on a weekly basis. With the strategy of giving before receiving Dabbadrop has created a real community of people engaging and certainly future customers.

Since the introduction of Instagram Reels, posting tutorials has never been so easy.

FaceGym, the luxury skin care & facial workouts is giving his followers free online and live sessions. Self facial massage has become THE must to follow for any one looking for skin self care. – another good example of a brand putting their community before profit.

On Facebook, building a community was a topic from day one. The creation of a group letting people share their experiences and/or asking for help is seen as educational. Group helping parenting, plant or book lovers. The list of topics is endless and even brands have been taking this avantage like The instant pot community. Here the kitchen appliance Instant Pot is giving a voice to his customers throughout the creation of this group, a community of 3M people sharing their tips, recipes and other cooking experiences.

More recently we have been looking very carefully at TikTok. And here we go again, the platform is smashing it with some incredible educational content because, in case you missed it, TikTok is not only a platform where the younger generation dances.

We love how @Kentai.Haven we 3.6M followers has proclaimed himself CEO of guessing by guessing people height based on various parameters.

With @bradcanning you can learn how to grow mango and avocado plants. For any back pain or migraine, you can follow Dr Aliya Visram, a chiropractor, who offer some great tips and exercises to release your pain. On mental health Dr Julie Smith Is giving away easy to understand psychology course.

And if you understand french, look at this young wine maker @le vigneron making oenology more accessible.

One last one for any origami lover, @Kimigami with almost a million followers is teaching how to fold origami and It looks much easier than you thought, just follow the guide.

More recently, AR filters are now becoming educational. The New York Times has released some great AR filters on their Instagram profile over the past few months, teaching people on how masks are stopping viruses, the history of the Suffragette or a trip into the old Chinatown, celebrating 100 years of nom Wah tea parlor.

In fact last year, we teamed up with Sustainability Champions to create our educational filter that offered ideas on how people could be more sustainable at Christmas by giving people random small action that could make a big difference.

As predicted by most of the social media gurus, audiences are looking for more authentic content from brands but also more challenging and realistic and this is where we encourage brands to jump on the bandwagon and start giving more learning to their audience.

We can help your brand create educational content. Drop us an email….


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