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Our Podcast

January 2022

Yep you’ve read it right, you can now listen to us on our very own podcast dedicated to all things digital marketing: Lighthouse Podcast.

We’ll be featuring candid conversations with the team and inviting guests to join us as we explore relevant topics that seek to challenge, inspire and spark conversations.

Kicking off the podcast, our first episode is dedicated to International Women’s day and Women’s month. With our company being currently made up of mainly women, some of the team have come together to share their experiences in dealing with the unspoken pressures of maternity leave, postpartum depression and toxic work environments. All with the hope of empowering other women to step out of their comfort zone, speak their truth and put their mental health first.

In episode two we check-in with our Director, Jonny Randall about the launch of Lighthouse and his visions for the brand. We delve deep into the process of creativity and discuss how we as agencies can stay true to our creative ideas, especially when pitching to brands with big plans, and we ensure our ideas stay authentic whilst also sellable. We also ask him what his dream brand to work with is!

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes about how social media has become an educational tool; how art can be transformed into a digital experience using AR, and many more. Remember to follow the podcast on Anchor and Spotify to stay up to date.

So... we hope you’ll join us as we open our mouths (not quite sure of what will come out!) and come together to share, explore and connect.

As always, we are here for you. Tell us what you think – did our genius blow your mind or did we get this so totally wrong? We need to know; slide into our DMs or say aloha to


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