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Photo and Video Content Creation

Creating engaging visual experiences

It’s proven that users are 5 times more likely to share video and photo content online if it’s visually striking. The power of visual content is unmatched and at Lighthouse, we push the boundaries of what content can be. We are constantly exploring new approaches to photo and video creation and developing new technologies that provide ground breaking, state of the art content experiences.

From building immersive digital and physical spaces using AR and VR technology to developing the first ever Doodle Booth to building a unique AI Brainwave experience using ECG technology, we have been at the forefront of content creation for the last decade. We love the challenge of developing new creative content solutions from brief to final experience. The content we deliver can be immediately available for digital sharing on multiple platforms, enhancing brand promotion and reach and engaging a wider audience. Content is a brand's most valuable asset and we’re here to enhance it, giving it greater reach and creating powerful and meaningful campaigns.

Brand campaigns

Branded Content

TikTok and IG campaigns

Content creation experiences

Immersive experiences

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