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Supplier Diversity Policy


Oct 2021

At Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse diversity and inclusion are core values and fundamental to our culture. In the provision of services to customers and clients, in relationships with suppliers and in the employment and development of all staff, Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse will seek to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for all. We acknowledge and value the importance of maintaining a diverse supplier base that is reflective of the diverse populations of the communities in which we operate.

Our Supplier Diversity Objectives are as follows:

  • To actively and routinely source qualified Diverse Suppliers (Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Business Enterprises; LGBT Business Enterprises, Veteran-Owned Businesses and Disabled-Owned Business Enterprises) that can provide competitive and high-quality products and services to Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse.

  • To encourage our major suppliers that do not qualify as Diverse Suppliers to commit to and support their own supplier diversity initiatives.

  • Our leadership and employees are committed to adopting procurement processes and practices that will enhance opportunities for Diverse Suppliers.

  • Promoting the inclusion of diverse suppliers as part of Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse sourcing and procurement process.

  • Communicating the value of supplier diversity both internally and externally.

  • Leveraging the company’s supplier diversity results to meet our clients’ supplier diversity requirements.

Our Commitments

  • Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse recognizes that there are many advantages to maintaining competition in supplier industries, in the establishment of alternate sources, and in dealing with Diverse Suppliers. Accordingly, we encourage the development of mutually beneficial business relationships with Diverse Suppliers.

  • Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse is committed to increasing the commercial opportunities for Diverse Suppliers. All employees involved in the selection, evaluation or approval of suppliers and contractors share the responsibility for administering the policy.

  • When soliciting bids for opportunities to supply it with goods and services, we will request a copy of the bidder's supplier diversity policy statement and request information as to the bidder’s own initiatives to promote supplier diversity and compliance.

  • Existing suppliers that are categorized as non-diverse shall be asked to report their performance with respect to their own supplier diversity programs. Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse classifies this as second-tier diversity supply. The rules governing second-tier diverse supply are as follows:

  1. A Second-Tier Diverse Supplier is a Diverse Supplier that invoices the existing non-diverse supplier for goods and services rendered.

  2. Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse prefers to receive a report of products and services that are identified in the direct fulfillment of Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse’s requirements, known as Direct Second-Tier Purchases.

  3. When applicable, reporting of Indirect Second-Tier Purchases will be accepted. Indirect means products and services that cannot be identified in the direct fulfillment of Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse’s requirements.

  • Fullstop Brands Ltd t/a Lighthouse's commitment to Supplier Diversity is not philanthropic, nor does it contradict the application of existing purchasing goals, policies and procedures. The award of opportunities to Diverse Suppliers will be based on their relative competitiveness, the value of their offerings and their demonstrated performance. No minimal thresholds or targets have been established under these guidelines.

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