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Message Booth

An innovative way of brand activation marketing to tell your unique story. Our Message Booth gives you the opportunity to express yourself freely. Write a note, sketch out your thoughts or doodle with wild abandon to produce valuable, personalised content.

As a brand activation agency we developed the Message Booth technology over 6 years ago, bringing together our in depth knowledge of the humble photo booth and our agency's ambition to create a unique content experience that was immersive for guests, building connection and inspiring them to be creative. The Message Booth can be customised and installed anywhere in the world, with endless creative possibilities.t's easy.

Flashmat New Balance Message Booth
Flashmat D&AD Doodle Booth
Flashmat New Balance Message Booth

My TikTok 2021


For TikTok's End of Year Party at the Windmill in Soho, London, we installed our custom Message Booth to capture the energy of the night and the creativity of the guests. TikTokers could either answer one of the prompts available or they could draw, doodle and write freely.


Our brand activation services encourage self-expression and creativity in its many forms; a wonderful way to wrap-up 2021.


Never Fall 


As part of their #NeverFall campaign, Kérastase  asked us to design a unique brand activation with video experience that would engage guests with their new Genesis range. Using our Message Booth technology, we asked guests "What would you do if you were not afraid of falling?”, with the content produced being instantly available to share on Instagram stories during the event. The content incorporated both the Kérastase logo and campaign tagline in the design.

The Kérastase message booth gave the guests a 20 second window to write their responses onto the glass with a white chalk pen. The question led to meaningful messages being shared as bold video content online, encouraging guests to embrace their vulnerability and look within themselves; a powerful brand experience that built a deeper, more memorable connection between guests and the brand, as well as themselves.

Flashmat Message Booth Kerastase Paris Genesis
Flashmat Message Booth Kerastase Paris Genesis
Flashmat Message Booth Kerastase Genesis Event

Doodle Booth


“Your doodle is more than just an unproductive drawing”

As part of their Creative Festival 2019 in association with Adobe, we partnered with D&AD to create our award winning Doodle Booth experience. Combining cutting edge technology, creativity and psychology, we developed an experience that aligned with the Festival theme “Shaping the Future”, encouraging guests to explore their own freedom of expression.

During the festival over 550 people engaged with the Doodle Booth. Over 150 doodle’s were shared on Instagram making it one of the most popular stands at the festival, with a reach of over 200k. The project went on to win awards for its digital and social innovation.

Flasgmat at D&AD Festival Doodling booth
D&AD Doodle Booth.jpg

Message to My Future Self

New Balance

For New Balance's 'My Future Self' campaign, our Message Booth videos were designed to  capture the motivation and excitement of the London Marathon runners ahead of the big race.


We invited runners and supporters to write a message to their future selves. Their personalised video was then emailed to them instantly and again on the morning of the marathon, to inspire and remind them of why they were running.  


With its personal, inspirational and fun approach, the brand activation created a safe and private environment for people to share their stories and take a meaningful moment away from the noise, to reflect. 

Flashmat Message Booth New Balance event
Flashmat New Balance Message Booth
Flashmat Message Booth New Balance event
Flashmat Message Booth New Balance event

Would like to have our Message Booth for your brand activation marketing? Book it now for your next event.

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