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Message Booth

Award winning Message Booth activation

Our innovative Message Booth is the perfect way to capture hyper-personalised content that tells your unique brand story. An immersive content experience, we designed the Message Booth to inspire creativity and freedom of expression.

Developed over 6 years, our award winning Message Booth technology brings together our in-depth knowledge of the humble photo booth with our ambition, as a creative tech studio, to build a truly unique content creation experience. Guests can write a note, sketch out their thoughts or doodle with wild abandon, the possibilities are endless.


Completely customisable, the Message Booth fits seamlessly into a broad spectrum of activations, from brand campaigns to product launches to events and many more. An interactive experience that bridges the physical and digital worlds, producing engaging, popular video content that shares your message with the world. 

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Flashmat New Balance Message Booth
Flashmat D&AD Doodle Booth
Flashmat New Balance Message Booth

Why our Message Booth is perfect for your next activation:

  • Creative, hyper-personalised content

  • Fully customisable branded booth and content

  • Perfect content for capturing brand messaging

  • Interactive, immersive content experience for guests 

  • Super boosts engagement online and in person

  • High visibility for in person events and activations

  • Memorable, instantly shareable keepsake for clients / guests 

  • High quality physical and digital content production


Diversity Isn’t a Fantasy

For the release of The Witcher: Blood Origin, we partnered with Netflix and Nobody’s Café as part of their Diversity Isn’t a Fantasy event in London; an inspiring evening of talks about diversity and representation within the TV and Film industries.


We designed a sleek, custom Message Booth that fitted in seamlessly with the event design and venue. Guests were invited to answer the question "Which film or TV show do you feel most represented in?". 


The videos were instantly shareable and custom designed to include the Netflix logo and event branding. The activation super boosted online engagement, with almost all of the actors and influencers attending sharing their videos online during and immediately after the event.

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Breaking Barriers

As part of The Breaking Barriers project, we joined adidas at their Headquarters in Germany for a 3 day influencer event ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. 


The event invited inspirational women from all over Europe to come and create exciting, inspirational content to promote the project and brand. We designed a custom message booth structure and branded video that asked guests “Who are you breaking barriers for?” to build emotional connection with the project ethos and encourage inspirational content.


The Message Booth provided an interactive experience for guests and was used throughout the weekend both individually and as groups, with most guests filming several videos. From the group of just 35 attendees at the event, the content produced had an immediate reach of 187,000 and a wider reach of over 2.2 million.

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Doodle Booth

“Your doodle is more than just an unproductive drawing”

As part of their Creative Festival 2019 in association with Adobe, we partnered with D&AD to create our award winning Doodle Booth experience. Combining cutting edge technology, creativity and psychology, we developed an experience that aligned with the Festival theme “Shaping the Future”, encouraging guests to explore their own freedom of expression.

During the festival over 550 people engaged with the Doodle Booth. Over 150 doodle’s were shared on Instagram making it one of the most popular stands at the festival, with a reach of over 200k. The project went on to win awards for its digital and social innovation.

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Flasgmat at D&AD Festival Doodling booth
D&AD Doodle Booth.jpg

New Balance

Message to My Future Self

For New Balance's 'My Future Self' campaign, our Message Booth videos were designed to capture the motivation and excitement of the London Marathon runners ahead of the big race.


We invited runners and supporters to write a message to their future selves. Their personalised video was then emailed to them instantly and then again on the morning of the marathon, to inspire them and as a reminder of why they were running.  


With its personal, inspirational and fun approach, the brand activation created a safe and private environment for people to share their stories, and take a meaningful moment away from the noise of the event to reflect.

Flashmat Message Booth New Balance event
Flashmat New Balance Message Booth
Flashmat Message Booth New Balance event
Flashmat Message Booth New Balance event

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