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Creative photo booths for Valentine’s day

Oh Valentine’s day, the day of looooove and the day chocolate shops sell out! If you’re planning an event for Valentine’s day, here are 5 photo booth ideas for some creative declarations of love!

A sparkling heart
Jamie Street via Unsplash

1. Share the love in our message booth

Why not surprise a loved one by writing them a message in our message booth.

Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to show people how much we love and appreciate them – we are sure this will brighten their day! Or how about taking a self-love approach and asking people to write 3 things they love about themselves or a promise they can make around self-care.

2. Nurture connection with an Aura photography workshop

Our Aura Booth is a great way to facilitate stronger relationships. Get people into pairs for an afternoon workshop and take some striking aura photos. Ask people to share what the colours mean for them and tap into their current state. This is a great way to nurture connection and bring people closer – it even works in the workplace!

3. Strike a pose in our video booth

Invite people to have a dance with friends or fly solo in our open video booth. Get people throwing some red balloons and glitter and we’ll take care of the rest by adding snappy edits and dreamy effects to create short and sweet video clips.

4. Keep it mysterious with the Silhouette booth

Why not keep the flame alive and invite people to pose in our Silhouette booth. We are certain this will create some mysterious and sexy photos that will have hearts racing.

5. Capture the transformation in a Before and After video shoot

Valentine’s day is also an excuse for people to embrace self-care which could mean getting a new look. If you’re a hair, beauty or fashion brand why not let the transformation unfold in our Before and After booth!


Here are 5 ideas we hope will make your Valentine’s day celebrations extra sweet this year. Check out all of our conceptual booths and get in touch for more inspiration.


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