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We’re a B Corp – what’s in it for you?

What does it mean to work with a company that has B Corp certification? These are few of the multitude of benefits you get by working with us.


We are authentic

Our B Corp certification is proof of our good intentions when it comes to the environment and social responsibility. Anyone can make claims about these topics, but we mean what we say.

We are transparent

By becoming a B Corp, we must allow information about our performance to be regularly measured against B Lab’s standards and for this information to be publicly available. Our clients get the best bespoke services in the most ethical way possible.

We measure our environmental impact

When you hire us, you know the carbon footprint of your photo booths. We always measure our environmental impact and take action when it’s needed. No one is perfect, but we can certainly try! When appropriate, we guide you to make decisions that lighten the environmental impact of your booth.

Social responsibility

We care about people, and we fully embrace our role in favoring diversity. Inclusion has never been as easy as it is today, and there is no excuse not to do our utmost on this front.


To summarise, we monitor, report, question, and educate ourselves. We take steps towards being a better company, in all senses of the word.

When you hire a photo experience from us, you have the guarantee that we strive to reduce your carbon emissions, will remunerate the people involved fairly, and invest in a better future.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our experience with B Corp.



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