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5 engaging ideas for your corporate event

Let’s be honest, corporate events like conferences and trade shows have a rep for being a tad dry and formal. As informative and social as they can be with a range of networking opportunities available, and vast educational content, they sometimes need an extra element to make them more fun and engaging for attendees.

Here are 5 ideas you can incorporate into your next corporate event to make it stand out and be spoken about for months to come!

1. A memorable photo moment

Having a Photo Booth at a corporate event might not be the first idea that comes to mind, especially when inflatable props are involved. But having a photo moment at your event could be a great way to provide some fun and interaction. One idea could be to ask attendees to write a word or message about the event topic and create a collage of images to feature on your website or social media as part of a wider conversation.

For an event we did with Shire, Hill + Knowlton for Spotlight on Gaucher, guests could pose in front of the photo booth and add their photo print to a wall amongst supporters. This added an activity to the exhibition stand and made people feel included in the cause.

2. Gathering testimonials

At the Learning Technologies 2020 Exhibition, our Ring Booth captured video confessions from the delegates at the NETEX stand. With our Confessional Booth, Netex was able to address and receive valuable feedback from several types of attendees, ranging from their own employees, to learning and development managers, HR and business leaders, partners and content cloud customers. Here, the Ring Booth provided more than a source of entertainment. It acted as a valuable tool that allowed Netex to gather testimonials and feedback in order to grow as a company.

3. Innovative and sustainable freebies

Whilst it can be helpful to find a branded pen at the bottom of your drawer when you need one! The free promotional material we receive at events quite often ends up in landfill. It is worth considering: what do your promotional materials say about your brand? How can you provide attendees with a giveaway that is memorable and sustainable, yet also effective?

Why not have a QR code they can scan to receive a discount code via email. Or, create a set-build with your branding and messaging for guests to snap a quick photo and share with your own hashtag (you can even make this into a competition!). Our Hashtag Printer prints your Instagram post instantly by picking up your event hashtag. Make it fun, interactive and personal in a way that links back to your brand. For example, according to an Event Coordinator at Raleigh, attendees were given a small flowering plant from a wholesale nursery, which proved to be original and affordable.

4. Networking games

If you’re looking to incorporate networking into your event, it might be worth planning a game. Sometimes entering a room of people can feel a bit daunting; incorporating a game can be a good ice-breaker.

A Scavenger Hunt could be a fun idea to get people moving and turning on their healthy competitor mode. Attendees would receive a link to an app which lists the different tasks they must complete, individually or in a group, to receive points. Some tasks might include: find someone with the same job name as you or refer a friend or co-worker who should attend the event next year. There could even be a prize up for grabs!

5. Name card prompts

Rather than displaying someone’s job title on a name card, why not add a prompt. This could be a question aimed at another person like: list 3 words that describe your job role or what’s your next adventure? Get everyone to circulate the room at the beginning of the session, we’re sure this will break down the barriers and get people laughing.


Here are 5 ideas you can bring to your next corporate event to make it stand out from the crowd! If you would like to add a photo moment, have a browse of our Conceptual Booths and Photo booths and let us know how we can help!



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