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Do I need a Photo Booth host?

Over the years we’ve often been asked whether you need a host to manage the booth at your event. Maybe you already have staff on-site to help or it’s a long-term hire. Here are our reasons why you should consider having a host vs. why you might not need one.

Reasons for having a host


Although our booths are incredibly user-friendly, they need to be set up properly. Our hosts have been trained in setting up and troubleshooting the equipment. If any issues occur they are on-site ready to fix them in a heartbeat! Also, even simple things like replacing paper and ink can be done in a matter of seconds.

Managing the booth

If it’s a busy event the host can ensure that the booth is being used responsibly by asking people to queue up, organise props and manage the print outs. Although you might have staff available to help, having a Flashmat host means the booth is their sole focus for the entire event.

Photography skills

You might be surprised to learn that even a photo booth benefits from being set up by someone with photography skills and an eye for detail. Even our Ring Booth which isn’t fitted with a DSLR camera benefits from good lighting and a well-positioned backdrop!

Special skills

We have a question for you: what do you need from a host? You might want a host that speaks a specific language, or a model that can advise guests on posing, or a host that can dress up in character to match the theme of the event – this is all possible!

To entice guests

We want the booth to pull in a crowd at your event! When you have a friendly, confident and bubbly host managing the booth, they will be there to entice people over to have a photo – yep, even the shy ones!

To promote the event

Our hosts are great at giving more information to guests once they have enjoyed the photo experience. For example, you might want guests to tag you on social media to enter a competition or scan a QR code with further information or instructions. All you need to do is provide us with a script and we can pass this onto our hosts.

Worry-free booth

You can focus on enjoying your event or running other aspects, while knowing that the booth is up and running, and if anything should come up, the host will take care of it.


Reasons for not having a host

International event

Did you know that our booths are travel friendly? It is possible for us to ship our booths over to you with instructions. However, this does depend on the complexity of the setup. This works best with our Ring Booth or Hashtag Printer.

Long-term hire

We offer long-term hire packages if you are looking to have a booth for a few weeks, months, or longer! In this case we would provide instructions to you on how to use it, depending on the complexity of the setup. We would still recommend that you delegate responsibility for the booth to key members of staff over the course of the event so we can provide training to those individuals.

This is what we have in place with our Hashtag Printers, now installed in seven Escape Hunt venues around the UK. Read more about this here.


Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you have. Drop us an email or give us a call at 020 3886 0756, and we can talk you through your event to see which opinion best suits you.



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