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Our top 5 Christmas photo booth props

Ho ho ho! My partner tells me it’s too early to think about Christmas, but he can’t stop me. Our Open Photo Booth is a hit at corporate and private Christmas parties, and here are our top 5 Christmas photo booth props for your festive event!


5. “Dear Santa, I can explain” sign

Worried about Santa’s list? I think we can all relate to that. Don’t leave it to chance and explain yourself! 2021 was hard for all of us!

4. Christmas tree hat

What really makes Christmas? The tree. Steal the show and be the centre of attention with a magnificent and towering headpiece.

3. Reindeer antler headband

Whether you’re more of a Dasher, a Dancer, a Prancer or a Vixen, this is a great prop to grab from the box. It’s a classic, frames the head nicely and says “I'll go down in history”.

Girls throwing confetti in the air
More like PROfetti, am I right?

2. Confetti

If you don’t mind a little mess, some confetti is a fool-proof way of making your stiff Christmas photo much more fun and dynamic. Don’t know what to do with your hands when posing? Throw some confetti, obviously! I challenge anyone to be a grinch in a shower of confetti.

A christmas living room

1. Santa’s workshop set

Let’s not debate whether this is a prop or not, bringing your office party to the workshop of Santa himself is a game changer. While an investment, these photo opportunities have long queues and the resulting photos are framed or mailed to friends and family. Heartwarming!


Book a Christmas party photo booth with us today. If you wish to have specific props at your festive event, just let our project manager elves know!




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