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How to book your Christmas photo booth

We have an announcement.. (I’d put down that tea you’re holding if I were you). Christmas is now 7 weeks away! I know right?! Which means it’s time to book a Christmas Photo Booth for your Christmas party or end of year event. Here are some things you should consider.


First and foremost, what is your budget? And be realistic. Photo Booths can range in price depending on quality. Think about what you want guests to take away from the experience: do you want them to print out their photos? Do you want the option to send photos via text or email? Do you want an open or closed booth?

At Flashmat we offer Christmas packages which include themed props and backdrops, get in touch to find out more.


Now it’s time to revisit your venue. Where are you looking to put the photo booth? Where is the nearest plug socket for power? If people are queuing, will this block an entrance or exit? Also, do people have enough space to strike poses without knocking a canape tray over!

We recommend a space with enough room for a small backdrop, a couple of tables nearby for props and to put down drinks. All of our photo booths are open so there’s no limit to the number of people in a photo!

The prints

So, you have decided you want print outs. How many do you need? At Flashmat we offer unlimited print outs with our Christmas Photo Booth! These can be branded, or just have a festive design. After the event we will also email you digital copies of all the photos.

How it will work

When you book your photo booth with us, we will run through what will happen so there are no surprises on the day. For example, we provide a host to set up and manage the booth throughout the night. We would need around one hour to set up and we also like to see images of the venue and/or a floor plan prior to the event to make sure we have enough space to make things run as smoothly as possible!

Props and backdrops

Props is a must for any Xmas party! Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of antlers or angel wings! Think about the props you would like and whether you would like a plain backdrop or branded with your artwork. We include a selection of Christmas themed props and a plain white backdrop when you book with us.

Book in advance

Lastly, try to book your Christmas Photo booth at least 4-6 weeks in advance. For us, the last few weeks in December especially get booked up fast!

Contact us today to book a festive photo booth for your event!



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