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Why have a photo booth at brand events?

In an age of social media, having a photo moment at your event is a must! And here’s why.

Event coverage

People will only share if there is an incentive. You might have a hashtag in mind, but why would people share it? Some things worth considering:

  • Is it clearly promoted?

  • Is there a goal or competition in place i.e if you share and tag us you could win XYZ

  • What are they sharing?

Getting dressed up with friends or colleagues could be reason enough to share a selfie on Instagram, but what if you had a cool backdrop or bespoke set-build with relevant props – this will not only make the experience more immersive but your messaging and branding would be at front and centre too.

Original content

We can all get our phones out and snap a photo or video with a cool filter, how can your experience bring something different that people want to engage with and share? It’s worth thinking about your event vision and brand message. Perhaps you want guests to connect with your campaign on a deeper level. One idea could be to get guests to write a message.

For New Balance's 'My Future Self' campaign, our video Message Booth was the perfect way to capture the motivation and excitement of the London Marathon 2017 runners!

Bringing back old-school prints

Although the digital world is taking over, sometimes it’s nice to reminisce. Remember flicking through a physical photo album? Having a photo booth with branded print-outs offers a nice takeaway. It’s something people can have in their homes that will spark a moment of joy, and it looks cool!


Whether you’re at a pop-up with a friend or a launch party surrounded by industry experts, posing for a photo with others is a great way to break the ice. It is an activity at your event that promotes fun and laughter; that asks adults to tap into their inner child.

Contact us today to book a photo experience for your next event!



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