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B Corp: Business for Good

May 2023

What does it mean to be a B Corp company, and what exactly is “Business for Good?”

At Lighthouse Studio we are proud to be B Corp certified. The B Corp network is a fast-growing, global community of over 6450 companies, in 89 countries and 161 industries, with one unified goal; to make business a force for good.

B Corp governance is a legal commitment that requires its companies to demonstrate, with complete transparency, a high level of social and environmental performance within the following areas:

  • Environmental Impact

  • Community Impact

  • Employee Welfare

  • Customer Welfare

As partners of both B Corp UK and B Corp Europe at their recent milestone events, we wanted to share some of the ways we go beyond business as usual at Lighthouse Studio.

How do we go beyond for our planet?

  • We require all of our suppliers to complete our sustainability policy form, making sure we partner with companies who have the same environmental principles as us.

  • We signed the UN Climate Change’s Race To Zero campaign — SME Climate Hub commitment. This means we are committed to halving our greenhouse gas emission and achieving net zero emissions by 2030.

  • We exclusively use recycled tech, not just in our office but for all of our activations as well.

  • We monitor our digital footprint and make sure to clear our online storage as often as possible and keep our digital impact in check, something that is imperative as one of the few B Corp companies in the tech industry.

  • Our office is stocked with B Corp products, from coffee to refillable water bottles to cleaning products, keeping our workplace consumer goods as sustainable as possible.

How do we go beyond for our community?

  • We donate over 200 hours a year of work to community projects in both a digital and physical capacity. Last year we developed a custom AI filter for B Corporation to help them spread the B Corp message digitally. Try it out here!

  • We make in kind donations of at least 5% of our revenue to support charitable partners based in the UK.

How do we go beyond for our employees?

  • We prioritise a work environment where all of our team feel safe and supported, especially with regards to their mental health.

  • We have implemented an Uber work scheme so that all of our employees, both in-house and freelance, can travel safely at all times.

  • We offer a meditation and mindfulness practice as well as a round circle check in with how everyone is feeling each Monday morning before we start our meetings, making sure we start the week off on the right foot and that everyone feels seen, heard and supported.


Being a B Corp company is so much more than our environmental impact (although that’s a big part of what we do!) It also encapsulates our social impact, company governance and employee welfare, ensuring that our company is showing up every day as a force for good in the world.

You can read more about our impact as a B Corp company here and about our recent installations for the B Corp x 1000 and B Corp Festival.


Cover Image: Photo by ANGELA BENITO on Unsplash

Image 2: Photo by Fateme Alaie on Unsplash

Image 3: Morning team yoga and meditation session at the Lighthouse Studio office

Image 4: Lighthouse Studio installation at the B Corp 1000 event in London, 2022. Image by DB Captures

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