We create augmented reality experiences

Discover new creative boundaries in the mixed reality world. Create a virtual reality experience that grabs the headlines or an addictive branded game to enthrall your audience. We are analytical, creative digital wizards, and imagination is the limit!

Lighthouse ar strategy

AR strategy

Whether it’s a one-off filter or bringing AR to the front of your brand strategy throughout the year, we can create the most effective strategy for your AR project, which includes filter promotion to bring your creative to as many screens as possible.

Filter complexity depends on your goals. We can help you identify your target audience and create AR experiences that connect with your audiences to ensure it ticks your KPIs.

Lighthouse ar filters

Social AR

We love filters and camera effects just as much as you do. Let’s create your next Instagram filter or Snapchat lens together. We keep our finger on the pulse and are aware of all new trends. From mini-games to target image triggering filters, we would love to be your guide.

Lighthouse ar brainwave

Event AR

Bring your event to another magical level by adding an AR component. We can bring AR to your chosen location, from temporary in-store activation to a permanent office lobby installation. A YouGov commissioned survey found that AR tops the list of tech that makes users view a brand as innovative.

Lighthouse ar dog

3D modeling & animation

We can design and produce the 3D pieces for your Augmented Reality project.

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